• Mar 27, 2020 | Belonging

    The Best Advice I Can Give You Right Now

    In this time of physical isolation and fear, the need to spend quality time with ourselves has never been more urgent. And in my personal and professional experience, many of us do not know what this means. I am not talking about busying yourself with tasks or hiding behind your work or a bottle of […]

  • May 15, 2020 | Belonging

    The Most Potent Sign That You’re Reaching Mindset Mastery

    In my experience as a coach, one of the breakthroughs I’m most excited for with clients is when they discover that they get to be the master their own thoughts, feelings and experiences rather than by mastered by them. It can be a doozy of a breakthrough to generate because having someone or something to […]

  • May 08, 2020 | Belonging

    The Single Most Confronting Question I’ve Ever Been Asked

    I imagine in reading this title, your mind might jump to topics like failure or fear or perhaps death even. Makes sense. Most clients I speak with identify such topics, particularly failure, as the thing they’re most afraid of. That used to be the case for me too. Until I realized it was BS. I […]

  • Oct 15, 2020 | Your Work

    Transform Short-Term Clients into Lifelong Ones through Mastering This

    Earlier this week, I had the distinct pleasure of joining a book club as their guest of honor to commemorate the final meeting of their club where they discussed their takeaways from reading my book and inquired about my process and journey in writing Belonging. It was such a powerful reminder to me of the […]

  • Apr 24, 2020 | Belonging

    What I’ve Learned about Habits

    There is so much we cannot control about what is happening in the world right now. Our inability to control often creates the experience of fear for many of us. I’ve noticed that by focusing my thoughts on what I can impact and on where I can impact change, it has served as a much-needed […]