From side hustle to sustainable multi six figures - and every defining moment in between

But first, let’s back up a little…

Bed & Breakfast

1991Where it all started - My parents quit their 9-to-5s and pursued their dream of becoming Innkeepers. They bought and renovated a foreclosed Bed & Breakfast and we all moved to Rockport, MA

My entrepreneurial dreams were hatched

2006I found myself in the Dominican Republic - first as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer and then as a Small Grants Manager through a USAID-funded project to promote sustainable tourism

Yeah, I was doing some pretty amazing things - but something felt missing…

2010Completed an overseas MBA program based in Santo Domingo

Moved home to Washington DC for a position as a Senior Economist with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

This didn’t feel like my calling either

This is where
things started
to change
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2014Trained as a coach with Accomplishment Coaching, an International Coaching Federation Accredited Coach Training program

Started Unbounded Potential as a side hustle while also balancing a 9-to-5 and worked through countless mindset blocks

Smitten at
First Sight

2019Spent 3 weeks in India and hosted my first retreat there.

Launched the UNBOUNDED Mastermind.

Resigned from a leadership role training coaches in programs based in San Diego, CA and in Washington, DC.

Love This
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2021Became a Master Certified Coach with more than 2500 coaching hours and 200+ training hours as a coach - only 4% of coaches in the world are MCCs.

2022We brought home a sister and BFF for Luna - Molly!

Laura, Gretchen, Parvez, and Reggie joined our team

Moved to Boston

Married Parth

Adorable Molly
Comes Home
with Us
Just Married
Business goals are cool

But check out these lush life goals!

Serve in the U.S. Peace Corps.[achieved],,Visit India!,,Go Skydiving!,,Climb Mount Kilimanjaro,,Run a full marathon!,,Become a doggie momma,,Go skinny dipping!,,Learn how to sail,,Speak another language fluently,,Summer abroad in Europe,,Go on a mission trip overseas,Climb Machu Picchu,,Sleep in a Treehouse!,,Walk the Camino de Santiago,,Walk the Camino de Santiago,,Listen to bagpipes at a castle in Scotland!,,Serve on the board of a nonprofit,,Write a book,,Learn how to dance like a Latina,,Sleep on a houseboat,,Exceed my prior income as a Senior Economist for the U.S. Government!,,Attend a silent meditation retreat,,Become a godmother,,Become a certified yoga instructor,,Backpack across South America!,,Visit every continent,,See the Eiffel Tower!,,See the Eiffel Tower!,,Become a Full-Time Entrepreneur!,,Experience the wonder of childbirth,,Sing a tune from The Sound of Music while climbing the Swiss Alps!,,Become a Master Certified Coach

Together we facilitate provocative coaching conversations that move mountains in an emotionally safe space

Our Credentials & Certifications Include

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With us by your side, you'll cultivate a deeper (and kinder!) relationship with yourself, reclaim your purpose and intuition, and rebuild your confidence - one brave action at a time.

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Feel seen, supported, and challenged to move past your resistance and take powerful action alongside a thoughtfully curated community of ambitious, brilliant, and big-hearted entrepreneurs.

Here you'll discover how to leverage your intuition, evolve as a leader, and grow your business from a place of confidence, rest, and freedom. The mastermind is also a place for building authentic relationships (with your cohort and alumni) that transform into strategic business partnerships or lifelong friendships with people who get it, you know?

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A Conversation with Coping with Herpes Expert, Drew Rabidoux

Drew Rabidoux, therapist, therapist coach, Coping with Herpes expert, course creator, mom, and boyband fanatic, is on the podcast today. In our conversation, she’s sharing about her recent course, Women Coping with Herpes. However, you can take out the word “herpes” and replace it with whatever you might be struggling with right now, and so much of Drew’s wisdom will apply. Something that I am really struck by after recording this episode is that oftentimes when we are on our path, we don’t understand why we hit certain bumps along the way. But hindsight is always 20/20 and looking back we have the clarity that each step along the way has been in service of who we are meant to become and what we are meant to have. I’ve never talked about something so heavy and significant while also laughing so hard. Drew left me feeling deeply inspired, and I hope she can do the same for you.

Visit this episode’s show notes page here.

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